Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More shopping...

So we finally picked out our crib. It is a Natart drop down crib, pecan color. We decided on a drop down crib instead of the rapidly increasing popularity of the convertible cribs. Our decision was based on the fact that Mom3.o is not the tallest woman on the planet and she was having problems reaching across and into the convertible cribs. Plus, they looked a bit too bulky for us and we didn't really see ourselves keeping the furniture for more than a few years. You know our tastes and you know that we are never satisfied with what we have.. case in point our sofa, which we wanted to get rid of and replace with a sectional 6 months after we bought it.

Mom3.0 has also been having problems sleeping, so we bought a body pillow. However, sleeping with it is worse than without it, so it's going back. There are different kinds and I think she's going to go try the full size pillow that takes up 1/2 of our queen size bed. Oh well... Whatever makes Mom3.0 more comfortable so she can stop waking me up 4 times a night is fine with me! There are plenty of th0se nights coming!

Crib - $493

Cost of Baby1.0 = $795

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Mushtaq said...

Agree about the waking up at night thing. Get all the sleep now ............................