Saturday, June 16, 2007

Books, Books and more Books

People have been giving us baby books so we (ok, mom3.0) has been reading more. Right now Nish is reading The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregrancy by Vicki Iovine which she is really enjoying since it validates a lot of the stuff she's thinking and feeling. Thank God because how many times can I tell her that the red dots on her face will go away!?? For me, finding time to read all this stuff is hard... although we always seem to have spare time to do other stuff... like watch movies. Last night we watched Rambo and Superman (the original from 1978) until 2am. Yes, GUY night... with mom3.0 and myself! Can you believe she's never seen either movie??! "They were such boy movies when we were growing up" True...

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