Thursday, March 29, 2007

So what's this blog all about

Why would you want to keep coming back day after day? Well, this is what I want out of this blog, which is hopefully the same thing that future parents will want also:
  • Most importantly, my thoughts and memories of life during pregnancy! You know, a 21st Century diary and all that good stuff
  • I am going to keep track of everything that we do for the baby. Doctor visits? Documented. Cost for a crib? Documented. We need a stroller and I will inevitably be researching for the best ones and the best prices, so why not share that information with all of you? We only want the best for our child and I know everyone reading this feels the same way. So why not bring it all together for everyone?
  • Questions and answers. As we have questions and get answers, I will post them for everyone to see and use. By the time 9 months roll around, this blog will have tons of information for expecting parents.
But let me also clarify the audience here. It's really for any voyeuristic person interested in finding out how a young couple, used to late nights of partying, dinner at nice DC restaurants with ambiance, and spur of the moment trips to Europe, adapt to life at stage 3.0! So enjoy!

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