Monday, April 2, 2007

The first purchases for Baby1.0

As you can see, I've already named the baby. Mom3.0 won't like that... Oh, you guys don't know my wife yet. Well, that's her name (for now)

So lets see, I need to catch up a bit. The first thing to be itemized is the pregnancy test, purchased March 24, 2007, Safeway brand, nothing special - they're all 99% accurate so no point spending twice as much for the same tester repackaged in some fancy box. Cost - $12.59 for a pack of 2.

Oh, the ground rules for me. I promise at least 2 posts a week, some weeks there may be 7, other weeks it might be 2, but I'll work to keep it updated.

And since I'm catching up, I want to add the only other baby purchase up to this point. After some research on the best baby reference book, we decided on the "Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy". We narrowed the choice down to that one or "Your Pregnancy Week by Week". We went with the Mayo Clinic book because of the Mayo name and based on the reviews already posted on Amazon. Purchased on March 28, total cost $12.57.

Total Baby1.0 cost as of 4/4/07 - $25.16

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