Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our First Doctor's Visit

So I've been crazy busy (I put in a quick post yesterday because I wanted to take a break from writing my Strategy paper.. gotta keep my "A") and haven't been able to dedicate a few minutes to talk about the first amazing meeting we had with our OBGYN, Dr. Tran! After waiting for about 45 minutes, we were finally taken into a room for the appointment. Mom went through the standard blood test and other standard tests without problems. As opposed to our dermatologist whom I just saw for all of about 30 seconds, Dr. Tran was super nice and spent plenty of time with us. Many questions were answered, such as:

* Exercise is OK! We already knew that, but after a couple of intensive aerobic classes with twisting and turning, we need confirmation. Since Mom has been exercising regularly up until now, continuing the exercise regimen is no problem. The only thing to consider is not doing too much - when running or doing any other aerobic activity, you should be able to hold a normal conversation. If you're breathing too hard, then you're working out too hard. 140 BPS is a good pace if you want to measure. Another good piece of info, Dr. Tran says that people who exercise throughout the pregnancy tend to have faster, less difficult births, so keep working out!
* We were planning a trip to Europe later this summer and weren't sure about traveling when six or seven months pregnant. This is ok, but if you look really pregnant, then you will probably need a doctor's note indicating that you can fly.

We then were taken to another room for a sonogram. The picture below is a baby that's only 7 weeks old! Can you believe that?? The heart was beating rapidly and it was amazing to see it (him/her) on the screen! Our due date is now December 3rd!

Copay was $10

Total Baby1.0 cost as of 4/19/07: $44.60

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