Thursday, April 5, 2007

Waiting to see the Doc

So our OB is finally letting us see her on April 16th. Apparently waiting 6 weeks after the beginning of the pregnancy (which is two weeks after your last regular cycle) is normal. Like any new couple, we really just want to go see our doctor, but too bad, we need to wait. The good thing is that both my brother and my wife's sister are pediatricians! How's that for easy access to medical advice. I do pity them because my wife will easily be calling them once a day after the baby arrives. Oh, one new baby expense. My wife has been feeling so good, like nothing at all is going on inside of her, that she wasn't sure she was pregnant. A quick visit to Safeway and $8.99 later, Baby1.0 is still on it's way.

Total: $34.60

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