Monday, April 9, 2007

From D.C. to Savannah and back

So we just got back from our trip to Savannah, Georgia last night and it brought up a question. How long is too long to be in the car when you're pregnant? We originally estimated the drive to be 8 hours, but it took 11 hours instead! And it's just a 4 door sedan, not some big minivan or SUV that allows you to stretch out in. So is it bad for someone who's 6 weeks pregnant?

Short answer, no, especially when it's only been 6 weeks. BUT, the safest period to travel is during the 2nd trimester, or 18-24 weeks. The 'no travel' period begins around 28-30 weeks. But like any travel, use common sense and get out and walk after a couple of hours.
Two good articles:

Medicinenet and UPMC

Total spent on Baby1.0: $34.60

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