Thursday, April 12, 2007

Changing Moods

Obviously this was going to come up sometime and in fact has been out there for the past few weeks. In almost all cases during life2.0, my wife is (don't forget, we're still in life2.0 for the next 7 1/2 months) a very happy and jovial person - she's always laughing, talking, smiling, and laughing again during for almost any reason. However, the thought of moving to life3.0 is a bit daunting and frankly, scary sometimes. So when you consider all the life changing events we're about to face and the fact that life3.0 will be so different than life1.0 and 2.0, it's bound to hit you at some point. I think for us, that 'sometime' has been over the past couple of weeks. Mom3.0 is nervous about all the changes that she'll be facing with her body and all the changes that we'll go through as a family. Of course, that's normal and from all the bits and pieces we've been reading, a lot of people go through that same initial nervousness. In fact, we got a call the other night from close friends of ours that have been married for 3 years... and, they're pregnant! What a surprise and what timing! Another close couple going through the same thing as we are!

I'll let Mom3.0 talk about that... yes, Mom3.0 will be making special guest appearances and today will be her first!

Mom3.0 says: first post! So, daddy, I am still a jovial, happy-go-lucky person....just an extremely nervous happy-go-lucky person! My whole world is going to turn upside down and I guess it hasn't hit me yet. Daddy, you don't have to endure 9 months of your body doing all sorts of interesting things! That's about it for my first post... I have a feeling I will be writing more soon, I have more than 7 months of writing time ahead of me!

Total Baby1.0 cost as of 4/16/07: $34.60

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